Little miracles from Santoshi

This year in my 2nd grade class came 3 new kids, that doubled the size of the class. Two of them came from two different international schools, one from Milan and another from Assisi. Both had many emotional troubles, partly in my opinion due to the intellectual approach they had. Feelings were ignored and out of the life of the kids.      L_____ is probably dyslexic and the parents said that last year he lost completely his self-esteem and the ability to connect with his strengths. In the previous school, he spent long days doing nothing, isolated, the teachers labeled him as autistic, with no connection with friends and teachers.      When our first week of school was over (5 days) I received a letter from the parents that produced in me tears of joy. They said: L_____ is completely changed, he is happy! He tells every detail of the life at school, every word you said, he loves everything, he never spoke about school, now he is enthusiastic even of learning, he wants to read and more, all things that he avoided completely last year! I was very moved because, I know, EFL can do miracles, but only one week and just all is here!!!!! The second week his father said : the therapist of language said that L_____ is changed with her, he is able to do things he was not capable to do! Please call her!!! But the thing that touched me more deeply was this, and is about the karmic effect on the family. Both the parents said: we were very desperate, there was tension among us as couple… all was frozen. While L_____ was changing, we discovered a new harmony in the family and new opportunities are coming , even on the professional level, that before were blocked!!! So, this is healing of all the family!

G_____ is the other young boy. Few days ago,G_____ had a strong emotional crisis, crying for long time and very very very loudly. I was with my 5th grades and I decided to go and see what was happening in his class. With the consent of the teacher, I embraced him and he adjusted as a little baby, crying so loud that 5 km far you could hear. Immediately and fortunately, the idea of chanting a lullaby came to me. I started to sing a Celtic one, which is very close to me, the Christ Child Lullaby. He couldn’t hear, so loudly was crying, but I knew he was hearing deeply, or I hoped!!! My thought was: I never heard such a strong crying, but soon or later, he will stop! Christ help him! I sat on the floor , while my older students, like angels, came around me and started one to pray, another offering to him incense sticks and more…… After 10 minutes, G_____ was finally silent, I continued to sing and then I asked to my student to think of a lullaby they were used to listen when were very young. Everyone had one and they even sang Swamiji’s ones, with soft and gentle voices. Then I saw E_____ very moved and I asked her: Do you have one? She said: Yes, it is very important for me. I waited, and then she started to sing, so sweetly, she has the voice of an angel. Then she finished and G_____, who was in my arms, closed eyes, and never spoke before, finally said: – This is nice, and has rhymes too… All the older students, and me, smiled and had eyes brilliant with tears of joy. Then we shared with him our reading time, and it was a new novel about a new friendship!! When G_____ was again in his class, I could thank them for their help and harmony. They learnt to have no fear of the emotions, and they had no judgment, only love and compassion. We could talk about the many ways we can help others and that, if you are calm, you can tune and help better. They are a healing team!!!!


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